That’s what I keep hearing, but I beg to differ.

There are a few main theories that keep coming up as to why you supposedly can’t look after social media on behalf of another person or organisation. Here’s why I disagree with each of them:

Nobody needs social media management. You can do it yourself
In short, yes, you can do it yourself. But not everybody has the technical expertise, time or inclination to keep their social media presence updated regularly. Some people will never get their heads round using Facebook or Twitter, even if many of us find it simple. Others have no interest in learning, but understand that their business can benefit from a social media presence. Then there’s the hopeless spellers who don’t want to be let loose near their online brand. And the list goes on.

Social media should be personal. A third-party can’t produce suitable content on your behalf
Again, the premise is correct. Social media should be personal to your organisation, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be produced by a third-party. Among other services Voz Media offers are copywriting and PR, both of which involve ostensibly ‘becoming’ the organisation in question. In that respect, social media is no different. It is all about creating a persona which represents your brand values, speaks to your target audience and tells stories about your organisation that will help to further your business goals.

You can’t outsource conversation
You can and a lot of the big players on Twitter and Facebook already do. Alas, this was brought into focus recently in a negative manner when an errant tweet from a marketer working on the Twitter account of motor company Chrysler made headlines for all the wrong reasons. But don’t be fooled: this mistake was the exception rather than the rule. Chrysler’s is far from the only corporate social media account to be outsourced. Most are managed very successfully without the public so much as batting an eyelid.

You’re never going to know everything that’s going in an organisation you’re not part of on a daily basis
True again. That’s why, in cases where time is the factor stopping a company or organisation from carrying out their own social media activity, I always encourage the organisation to chip-in wherever possible with their own input. Outsourcing does not necessarily mean relinquishing your ability to engage. Indeed, the increased regularity provided by outsourcing means there tends to be a more receptive audience to these ‘shopfloor’ posts.

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